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Bodybuilding Diet Plan to Get Ripped

First we need to all agree that getting ripped to threads means reducing body-fat, nothing else will reduce your calorie intake and output like using a combination of diet and exercise. There are many different options to choose from when deciding to get ripped.

From the rather drastic Clutch Diet to the classic high protein Atkins Diet there are many choices. If you choose the Atkins type diet with a maximum of 25g or 50g carbohydrate a day you will get results fast. You need to be totally committed when you do the Clutch type or the Atkins type of diet to lose fat fast.

Whether your objective is a bodybuilding competition or a photo-shoot is not important, the point is commitment. When choosing to go the high protein, high fat method of Atkins your objective is to reach ketoacidosis so that your body is living on its own fat.

A simple urine test will tell you if you are ketotic when on high protein, but if you are training every other day you will certainly know when you are getting your energy via a long and tedious process called gluconeogenesis which burns calories. You will not feel as strong or as motivated compared to carbs.

The Clutch Diet is just as tough to follow, drinking a gallon of water, zero gluten, organic meats and veggies with no processed foods. Depending on your lifestyle the two choices mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, there are countless ways to lose fat fast however none of them are permanent.

All competitive bodybuilders will tell you that it is impossible to stay healthy and keep your body-fat at 3% or 4%. The answer is to only diet to get ripped when you already have a low body-fat. 10% body-fat comes from eating a well-balanced diet with the correct intake-output ratio that suits your metabolism.

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