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Bodybuilding Program for Strength

Of all the many different strength building routines strength coaches throughout the world have tried, the 5 X 5 method is without a doubt the most sure-fire way of increasing strength as well as muscle mass. If you have never trained with heavy weights or you have been training for less than 6 months this type of high volume intensity is not recommended.

The 5 X 5 routine listed below is based on a periodization principal that you should adhere to. It is an 8 week program that is split (periodized) into two phases. The first phase (prep phase) starts with you working out what your 5 rep max is by pressing out the maximum weight you can do 5 reps on all the movements.

You then take no more than 80% of this weight to complete the first 4 to 6 weeks as listed below. The last phase in called the peak phase where you start of doing 3 X 3 for the first 2 weeks hopefully pressing out a heavier weight than your max you measured 6 weeks ago, after 2 weeks progress to 5 X 5.

It is highly recommended that after you have completed phase one and two that you train for a week using only 65% of your 5 X 5 max in order to give your muscles, tendons and joints a bit of a break. There are plenty variations of this theme but you would have to set your targets based on your first 5 X 5 Max.

The 5 X 5 Monday:
Barbell Squat 5 X 5 reps
Barbell Bench-press 5 X 5 reps
Bent-over B/B Rowing 5 X 5 reps
Lying Triceps Ext 5 X 5 reps

The 5 X 5 Wednesday:
Barbell Squat 5 X 5 reps
Standing Military Press 5 X 5 reps
Deadlift 2-3 X 5-8 reps
Pull-ups 2-3 X 5-8 reps
Barbell Curl 2-3 X 5-8 reps

The 5 X 5 Friday:
Full Squat 5 X 5 reps
Barbell Bench-press 5 X 5 reps
Bent-over Barbell Row 5 x 5 reps
Bench Dips 2-3 X 5-8 reps

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