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Bodybuilding Routine for Fat Loss

We have all heard about high intensity interval training (HIIT) which seems to be the fastest way of achieving both muscle growth and fat loss. EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) has shown us that this after-burn effect can burn extra calories for up to 72 hours after a workout.

The workout below may seem low in volume but if the routine is done with minimal rest between sets then the required HIIT after-burn affect will ensue, to ensure that you are getting maximum amount of fat-loss and muscle gain at the same time.

Sports science has now proven conclusively that the most effective way to lose fat is to train with the same kind of high intensity that develops muscle. This is good news for anyone wanting to lose fat because all you need to do is train with around 70% of your 1RM and you will lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

The following routine listed below is a routine that is specifically written to train three times a week, however if you have been training for more than 6 months you could do the routine below training four times a week. The routine is split between upper and lower body workouts that means training 3 times a week will be either upper or lower body once a week.

Workout 1: Upper body
Bench-press 2 X 8-12 reps
Standing Military Press 2 X 12 reps
Lying Triceps extensions 2 X 15 reps
Chin-ups 2 X failure
Bent-over B/B rowing 2 X 10

Workout 2: Lower body
EZ bar curls 2 X 12 reps
Hammer curls 2 X 15 reps
Seated calf raises 1 X 15 reps
Stiff legged deadlift 2 X 15 reps
Hack squats 1 X 8 reps and the 1 set of 20 reps

Workout 3: Upper body
Incline D/B press 2 X 8-12 reps
Seated D/B press 2 X 12 reps
Dips 2 X 12 reps
Wide grip lat pull-downs 2 X 10 reps
Deadlift 1 X reps and then 1 X 4 reps

Workout 4: Lower body
D/B biceps curls 2 X 12 reps
Plate twists 3 sets with max weight
Calf press on leg press 1 X 15 reps
Lying leg curls 2 X 12 reps
Barbell squats 1 X 8 reps and the 1 X 20 reps

Workout 1: Upper body
Decline bench-press 2 X 8-12 reps
Machine press 2 X 8 reps
Close-grip bench-press 2 X 15 reps
Chin-ups 2 sets to failure
Bent-over D/B rows 2 X 10 reps

Workout 2: Lower body
Preacher curls 2 X 12 reps
Zottman curls 2 sets of 15 reps
Standing calf raises 1 X 15 reps
Barbell squats 2 X 15 reps
Leg press 1 set of 20 to point of failure

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