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What Does Creatine Do

Since Creatine was launched onto the marketplace in the early 1990's over 70% of bodybuilders, boxers, power-lifters plus track and field athletes use Creatine on a regular basis. They do this because it works so without going into the specific and rather complex details on how it works we will briefly look at why it works so well.

All Creatine that we ingest is a non-essential dietary compound shaped like a protein which is commonly found in meat and fish. When ingested it is then synthesized by the liver by three essential amino acids called methionine, arginine and glycine. Our bodies do not make Creatine, it is made up in the body from the required ingredients found in the bloodstream.

When these required ingredients have found themselves to the muscle cells the newly formed Creatine molecule will get a high-energy phosphate molecule attached to it which turns it into creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine (PCr). It is this creatine phosphate molecule that is then donated to the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

ATP is what your muscles need in order to contract with maximum force when weightlifting or sprinting. There have been countless studies done on the effectiveness of creatine and one of these studies clearly shows that when taking a creatine supplement there is a 20% increase in the phosphocreatine (PCr) that leads to more ATP production and increased speed, strength and muscle performance.

Another study was done in Belgium that specifically looked at the one rep max (1RM) increase in men who had never used creatine before. They followed a strict diet and training schedule for 10 weeks and all of the volunteers showed an average of a 25% increase in their 1RM after 10 weeks.

As mentioned above there are countless studies done on creatine which are freely available online. The last study we will mention here is a study done at the University of Queensland Australia which showed that competitive power-lifters preparing for a competition where able to increase the amount of reps performed using 85% 1RM by more than 40% when using creatine.

In conclusion creatine has proven to be highly effective in muscle growth, muscle strength and muscle contractibility because it directly affects the amount of energy produced when a muscle is contracted. It is important to note that some creatine supplements are more effective than others because of its absorbability into the bloodstream.

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